Radio Star FM From Oct 13- 17 between 2pm-6pm daily EKAL sponsored the Estonian World Spine Day campaign quiz show , where Estonian listeners called in to answer the daily question about chiropractic and spine day. Winners recieved prizes which included school back packs, back vitalizers, chiropractic first-visit gift cards.
Oct 13 – 31, EKAL sponsored a Spine Day ”Photo game” called ”Straighten Up!”

Straighten Up! Photo Contest winners are:pildid-300x142
Leili Nõmmela
Anne Lehtla
Tiia Kaeramaa Lasteaed Mari
Vilmar Engel
Ivar Vinkmann
Eneri Engel
Cathlin Berg
Kendy Kivisaar
Arvo Lill
Star FMi radio show winners are:
Hille Ilves
Birgit Tohus-Leppik
Leili Nõmmela
Vootele Ilves
Kati Keldu